PPC Campaign


PPC Campaign

What is PPC? These are the ads you see at the top and bottom of Google Search Results Listings and as it is  said that you pay for each time the ad is clicked! With PPC you can target specific geographic locations, manage keywords, manage daily spend limits and much more.
Our PPC Specialists will analyse your target market, research optimal keywords, create a results-orientated campaign, create a selection of advertisements, optimise the campaign for the lowest price per click, provide monthly reports and on-going optimisation.

Start, stop, pause

We are flexible, we can start, stop and pause your adverts at any time according to your needs and budgets.
Greene Technologies web are experts in this field. We adapt, change and manage your pay per click advertising carefully to ensure that your adverts are shown in the right places, at the right times and most importantly, to the people who are looking for you. With an agreed monthly budget that suits your company, our small but dedicated team work with care, knowledge and expertise to deliver great results that will transform your business.

Our PPC Services

1. Optimise costs so keywords rank higher.
2. Effective ad scheduling
3. Monitor and maintain the bids on keywords
4. Our team of copywriters offer relevant and effective copywriting services for advertisements.
5. Track and analyze conversion rates
6. Measure ROI

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